About Joe

Wall Street

Having spent major portions of his life living in Ontario, (Peterborough), and Alberta, (Edmonton), Joseph currently finds himself residing in the beautiful city of Edmonton. Edmonton is where Joseph spent his informative years, from his teens to his mid-twenties. He moved back to Peterborough to start his education at Trent University where he obtained a bachelor degree in science (B.Sc.) with psychology as his major.

While residing in Ontario in 1994 he embarked on his career in Financial Planning. Being mentored by his late uncle Robert C Robbins, cfp, a Financial Adviser for the better part of 40 years before his passing, advised Joseph to focus on taxes and not just investments. Joseph has never looked back, and has remained grateful to his uncle for his guidance early in Joseph’s career.

Alberta has changed a lot over the years, but the prodigal son returns home. Having spent the past four years traveling between Ontario and Alberta, every two weeks, Joseph has moved his business and focus to Alberta. The need for good Financial Adviser, one with a command on taxes, has never been needed more Alberta than it does now.  Joseph is licensed in both Provinces to give advice on mutual funds and related products (Mutual Fund transactions settled through Banwell Financial Inc.

), and as well is licensed to sell life insurance and related products (Life Insurance transactions are settled through BridgeForce/Ontario East).

About Banwell Financial Inc.


2LansingSquareBanwell Financial Inc. (BFI) is a registered dealer, totally independent in recommending investments from all of the major banks, investment and insurance companies in Canada. We offer the services of an independent insurance agency through Banwell Financial Planning.

Frank and Michael Banwell are Certified Financial Planners (CFP) and Investment Advisors, and have been helping clients manage and build wealth since 1984.

It is our belief that serious money is professionally managed money. We assist clients in implementing suitable and appropriate investment strategies based on their individual and unique goals and requirements while utilizing best-in-class products and services.

We endeavour to manage wealth for our clients responsibly, with full awareness of risk, consequences of taxation, and consideration of estate planning requirements.

Frank and Michael, along with their entire administrative and support staff have a well earned reputation for being highly ethical, and providing a personalized level of service to all clients.

Bank Alternative

Since 1984 we have endeavoured to treat all client relationships with the utmost level of understanding and professionalism.

It is our belief that certain investors find comfort and security with large institutions.

We know with certainty however, that a large segment of the population derive comfort and security from engaging a professional team of advisors who are truly independent, and offer a consistent level of personalized service that is unavailable through large institutions.

We believe our clients, or potential new clients will embrace the integrity of Banwell Financial long before any monetary or investment decisions are considered. From our experience, clients are interested in how much you care, in addition to providing competent and objective advice.

We invite you to learn for yourself how we have built our business on Integrity, Competence, and Service.

“Of course, competency and professionalism are a must in our industry. Having said this, without genuine integrity and understanding of client’s circumstances, even the most capable individuals will not have much to offer.”